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SRS Rails


SRS AKA Salmon River Solutions is dedicated to manufacturing multi-functional adaptors/rails to aid in the use of mounting tripods, rifles and bipods.

What sets SRS rails apart form the competitors are the machined in rounded bottom. NO ONE ELSE ON THE MARKET DOES THIS!!!

Our Arca Swiss mounts are made from ultralight aluminum – intended for the utmost weight savings for rifles stocks. You will not find a lighter mount on the market today – PERIOD!

The integrated arca/picatinny style mounts for tripod plus bipod mounting system is constructed from 7075 aluminum (7075 is 65% stronger than the industry standard 6061) . Mounting hardware is available in 10-32 (commonly used for sling stud attachments so no additionally assembly required).

Salmon river solutions is dedicated to making QUALITY AMERICAN MADE products for the hunting/shooting enthusiasts today!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Message us, we may be able to manufacture what you’re looking for!

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  • Lil’ Chub


    Lil’ Chub

    The ‘Lil Chub is the perfect balance between performance, weight, and length. Why have double the length and weight for equal performance? This brake is a perfect fit for the Savage Ultralite, Carbon6 Featherweight barrels, and any smaller diameter barrel with 5/8-24 threads.


    30 CALIBER (works EXCELLENT for anything with 308 bullet diameter or smaller)

    1.725″ OAL

    1.15 oz

    5/8-24 threads

    .860″ brake diameter

    Timing Nut tapers to .750″

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  • SRS “THE CHUB” Muzzle Brake


    length: 1.9 ounces

    Diameter: .990 Inches

    Bore Size: 30 caliber (good for 30 caliber cartridges all the way down to 223!)

    Thread pitch: 5/8-24


    Finish:Uncoated titanium

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  • SRS Mini Ti – Self Timing Muzzle Brake



    The SRS mini self timer is a 5 port self timing muzzle brake. The smooth timing nut gives it a sleek look. It comes in 5/8-24 threads, is .990” OD, and 2.3” Overall Length. Made from Titanium, it weighs a scant 2.0 oz.


    30 Caliber bore diameter, works great for any caliber from 300 RUM down to 223 Remington!

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  • SRS Arca + Picatinny Mount



    The SRS Arca + picatinny rail enables shooters to have 1 rail with two mounting solutions!


    Industry first ROUNDED bottom design (fits flush with rifle stock).


    Constructed from 7075 aluminum


    4 inch Overall Length.


    Bolt/mount spacing: 1.2” to 3.0”.


    Weight is 1.0 oz.


    Rear sling stud hole built in.


    1.7 inches of arca rail and 2 inches of picatinny rail adjustability.


    10-32 fasteners included.


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  • SRS Mini Arca Rail


    The SRS mini arca rail is the lightest rail on the market today.


    Constructed from 7075 aluminum


    Weight: .55 ounces. (you read that right! less then 1 ounce!)


    Compatible with Arca Swiss style tripod heads.


    Overall length: 1.7” OAL


    Bolt/Mount spacing up to 1.2 inches.


    10-32 fasteners with tee nuts included for installation.

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  • SRS 4.25 Bipod Rail


    These work GREAT with mcmillan/manners/Bell & carlson stocks!




    These can be used with a standard sling stud, however there is also a integrated flush cup for quick detach options.



    Overall length of the rail is 4.25 inches. With bolt spacing mounting options from 2.5”-3.25” inches.



    Mounting HARDWARE IS INCLUDED. (10-32 screws w/fastener)




    weight is .65 ounces.

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