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AICS magazines


AICS Magazines

AICS Magazines. CIP length long action, Short action – long action. 3,5,7 & 10 round variants in a variety of configurations.

AICS Magazine Return Policy:

Buyer has 14 days from date of delivery to return item. All Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee no exceptions, item must be in new unused/unopen condition in original packaging. buyer must pay for return shipping.


MAGAZINES – Accurate-Mag

Savage DBM that accepts AICS magsSavage AICS bottom metal – (


About accurate mag products-

Accurate-Mag Products is the world’s largest producer of precision bolt action and sniper rifle components. All of our components are held to military grade specifications and are 100% made in America. Most of our work can be found in OEM components of Savage, Remington, Ruger and Colt rifles, so you probably have already experienced the quality of our product without even knowing it.


About MDT-

MDT was born out of a single purpose: to provide better value and better accuracy for precision rifles. The first MDT chassis was developed from the ground up based on the needs of shooters.

Our engineers verified every function and feature based on the input from competitive shooters. The end results was a game-changing product called the TAC21 that continues to perform at the range, in the field and in competitions around the world.

Today, MDT chassis, magazines and accessories are still developed the same way.

We collaborate, question and verify our concepts with precision shooters from around the globe to ensure that every MDT product is designed with the same single purpose: to provide our customers with the absolute best product possible.


Accurate 7 round WSM, AICS 7.62×51, Accurate 3 round WSM/SAUM/6.5 PRC, MDT LONG CIP 300 WIN, MDT LONG CIP 300 PRC, 5 Round 308 PMAG, Accurate AICS 308 10 round, MDT SA 308, MDT 10 Round 308


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