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Muzzle Brakes

American Precision Arms BRAKES

We solve big recoil problems, not small ones. For years competitive shooters have asked us to develop a brake for the off-hand, run-and-gun competitor. What was found was a little more dynamic than anticipated. Our goal was to give these shooters more tuning ports. That wasn’t enough. Competitive shooters need something lightweight as well as tunable. As a result, we developed and engineered “The Answer” Self Timing Muzzle Brake.
Generation 3 Fat & Little bastard have a new nut design and an additional port.

The New Features Include:

URP (Unique Recoil Profile) Top Ports

This decreases recoil – in addition to decreased muzzle rise. Also lateral movement based on the characteristics of the end users rifle, personal grip, stance and the position shooting from.

Additional Row of Bastard Ports

• For Added Recoil Reduction

New Lock-Nut Design

• Perfect Muzzle Placement
• No Carbon Ring
• No Over Rotation
• Stronger Lock Up

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