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Tikka T3/T3X Bolt Handle Stem


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Tikka T3/T3X Bolt Handle Stem

The stainless-steel Tikka T3/T3X Bolt Handle Stem is threaded with an industry standard 5/16-24 thread to accept other MOUNTAIN TACTICAL® Bolt Knobs or other knobs from manufacturers such as Badger Ordnance, etc. You can switch out knobs with ease.



  • Handle stem material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Stem Finish: Mill Finish
  • Weight:0.04375 lbs
  • Dimensions:5 × 3 × 1 in


Question & Answer:


Q1. Will this work for the left handed bolts?


Q2. What is the threading information for the knob threads on this? Would a 5/16-24 knob bolt on?

Our bolt thread specs are 5/16-24. You should be good to go.