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Altitude Stock Custom Order

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Altitude Stock Custom Order


NOTE: These stocks are MADE TO ORDER. Current lead time is 8-10 weeks.


Build your Altitude Stock exactly to your specs!



The Altitude series stock is designed for the hunter or shooter that wants to save weight on their rifle without sacrificing strength, durability and still have a full-figured stock. Utilizing layers of carbon fiber and a lightweight super strong fill and weighing approximately 25 ounces is what sets the Altitude series above its fiberglass injection molded counterparts.

*Varmint Contour fits up to Proof Sendero/M24/Bartlein #13*


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Mesa Precision Arms – Precision Rifles & Firearm Accessories

  • Defiance Deviant LA/XM/SA
  • Defiance AnTi LA/XM/SA
  • Bighorn/Zermatt LA/SA/XM
  • Lone Peak Fuzion LA/SA/XM
  • Lone Peak Razor LA/SA/XM
  • Kelbly Atlas LA/SA





About Mesa Precision Arms

Mesa Precision Arms is a veteran owned company dedicated to the science and craft of building precision rifles for hunting, competition and recreational shooters.


Chad Drayer

Chad Drayer enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1986 and served six years in 1/9, four as an 0311 and two as an 8541. In 2010 he started working with U.S. Optics. In early 2017 he helped co-found Mesa Precision Arms, Inc.

John Hakes

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado have been my playground ever since I could walk. Hunting is my obsession and what a place to exploit it! I have since hunted multiple western states from Alaska down to Mexico. Going on my own hunts was not enough, so I started guiding western big game hunts at the age of 15.

2003 John enlisted with the United States Marine Corps and ended up with 1st Tank Bn Charlie Company. In 2006 John did a combat deployment to Iraq, in the Al Anbar Province.

His new journey of mastering the craft of long range precision hunting started in 2007. This skill has allowed him to harvest animals he would have had to pass on due to the distance or the shooting position. Now after being apart of hundreds of hunts, with many of them saved by a long range precision shot we wonder why anybody would hunt any other way?


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