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McGowen Carbon Fiber Barrel

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McGowen Carbon Fiber Barrel

McGowen Carbon Fiber Barrel Blanks available at J&A Outdoors! Featuring McGowen barrel blanks – industry leading carbon fiber weight savings. When compared to the competitors – these blanks are lighter than the rest!

How accurate are these barrels?
When it comes to any rifle barrel, several factors come into play for overall accuracy & precision.  The three most critical variables are:

1.) Quality match grade ammunition and/or load development.

2.) Shooter’s overall ability to shoot precisely and accurately.

3). Properly assembled rifle.  We cannot stress this variable enough. To achieve accuracy and precision proper stock to rifle alignment needs to be tight – true and concentric. Proper ring/base secured and torqued to the barreled action along with high quality optics to top it all off (We recommend Nightforce optics above all other brands for upmost durability and precision).


With all 3 of those variables achieved, these McGowen carbon fiber barrels will shoot 1/2 MOA or often times better!  With that being said – we cannot control the end user’s ability to maintain those 3 variables noted above. When all procedures are obtained – you will find these barrels to give great accuracy and precision!


If you are having issues, we require that the entire rifle, including the scope, is sent in for inspection. Customers are responsible for shipping costs when sending rifles to us. Everything is needed in our shop in order to inspect your rifle in it’s entirety to help determine where an issue might be. If the problems are found to be the result of a faulty barrel, we will correct the issue and cover the costs to return your rifle to you. If the issue is discovered and determined to not be a barrel manufacturing error or flaw, we will consider making the corrections on the rifle to repair any issues. This will be discussed with the customer before any corrective action is taken. Prepayment for the correction is required before this service is started, and customers will be responsible for shipping costs.

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30 Caliber, 7mm, 22 Caliber


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