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Mesa Altitude Remington Stock



Mesa Altitude Remington Stock

The Mesa Altitude series Remington stock is designed for the hunter or shooter that wants to save weight on their rifle without sacrificing strength, durability and still have a full-figured stock. Utilizing layers of carbon fiber and a lightweight super strong fill and weighing approximately 25 ounces is what sets the Altitude series above its fiberglass injection molded counterparts.


*Varmint Contour fits up to Proof Sendero/M24/Bartlein #13*


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Mesa altitude stock review- https://youtu.be/AqI1ewJHOVk





3 Reviews For Remington Altitude Stock

  1. Dean (verified owner)  

    These are fantastic stocks. I have 3. Really like the high comb for rifles with large dia objectives. Fit and finish is top notch. Light weight and stiff. Delivery time was less than anticipated and they are priced very competitively. These stocks have become my ‘go-to’ for rifle builds around Rem 700 foot-print actions.

  2. Loren Nielsen (verified owner)  

    Best stock on the market in my opinion! I have several of these stocks and all the guys I hunt with have sold their other stocks that begin with “M” and switched over to Mesa. Inletting is precise and the stocks require very little modification to get a great bedding job. A lightweight stock built to extremely tight tolerances coupled with fantastic customer service and great owners in John and Stephanie make the Mesa Precision stocks a no brainer for anyone that wants quality parts as well as top notch service!

  3. Seth Canalichio  

    This stock is amazing! I’ve built several rifles over the years and this hands down is my favorite stock. It is extremely comfortable when shouldering and is exceptionally light. What a great piece of equipment!

Weight 32 oz

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