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Tikka Steel Recoil Lug


Tikka Steel Recoil Lug


MOUNTAIN TACTICAL® is proud to announce our Gen 4 Recoil lugs for your Tikka T3 and Tikka T3x rifle.
Our latest generation of recoil lugs are a significant upgrade from the third generation of lugs.
We have upgraded the material used to manufacture these precision components. It is a specialized alloy reserved mostly for the aerospace industry.
The chemistry of the metal allows for continuous high impacts with no distortion.
We finish these lugs with a Melonite QPQ coating for the ultimate in weather resistance and a lifetime of service. This also leaves a nice Black finish.
Installation is simple.  Simply remove the two action screws and separate your action from the stock.  Using a pair of pliers, remove the existing metal piece from the stock.  Then push the Elite Series Recoil Lug into the same recess.  Put your action and stock back together and tighten your action screws.  You are done!
that sometimes it can take a little longer to line up your action and stock because of the tighter tolerances of our recoil lug.
The MOUNTAIN TACTICAL® Gen 4 Recoil Lugs for the Tikka T3 are of the finest quality you will find anywhere.
Material – Stress-Proof Alloy
Coating- Melonite QPQ

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