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Hawkins Hunter Magazine


Hawkins Hunter Magazine


Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazines are made from a single piece of billet aluminum.

Short Action Weight: 2.6oz
Medium Weight 2.8 oz
LA 300 PRC/28 Nosler Weight: 3.2 oz
300 NM/338 Lapua Weight: 3.8 oz

  • Made specifically for the Hawkins Precision Hunter M5 DBM
  • Short Action Standard magazine holds 4 rounds (~2.880″ Internal length)
  • Short Action Magnum magazine holds 3 rounds (~2.980″ Internal length)
  • Short Actions Magazines will not work with 22-250
  • Medium Magazines are Magnum only & hold 3 rounds (~3.210″ Internal length)
  • Long Action magazines hold 3 rounds (~3.770″ internal length)
  • Long Actions are designed to be run with Beltless magnum cases. Not designed to feed belted mags.
  • Long Action Magazines are designed to be used specifically in the LA Hunter DBM. Will not work in any other system.
  • Long Action Hunter DBMs require gunsmithing in factory length factory Remington 700 actions and Zermatt Origins to accommodate the magazine COAL.
  • Note – Users may need to contact a gunsmith to run the 2.980″ 6.5 PRC magazine to for proper feeding. These magazines do not feature a binder plate and your action may need to be notched to prevent bullets from catching below the feed ramp.

Short Action 308, Short Action 6.5 PRC/ WSM/SAUM, Long Action 300 PRC 3.770, MEDIUM (XM Length), 280 Ai / 30-06, Long Action 300 Norma / 338 Lapua

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